Black Crow – DSDS

„I took a ferry to the highway
Then I drove to a pontoon plane
I took a plane to a taxi
And a taxi to a train
I’ve been traveling so long
How’m I ever going to know my home
When I see it again
I’m like a black crow flying
In a blue, blue sky“ (Joni Mitchell, Black Crow)

Ich habe neulich DSDS angeschaut. Dort wurde Prince’s Purple Rain dargeboten. Wann ist Joni Mitchell dran? Und was kommt dann? Johnny Cash? Falls ja, mein Vorschlag: I Walk The Line oder Folsom Prison Blues

Nachtrag zum Thema DSDS:

„So you want to be a rock and roll star?
Then listen now to what I say.
Just get an electric guitar
Then take some time
And learn how to play.
And with your hair swung right,
And your pants too tight
It’s gonna be all right.
Then it’s time to go downtown
Where the agent man won’t let you down.
Sell your soul to the company
Who are waiting there to sell plastic ware.
And in a week or two
If you make the charts
The girls’ll tear you apart.“

The Byrds, So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star

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